DIY Create Custom Gold Foil Photo Wrapping Paper

Just add your photos and make gold foil photo wrapping paper

Create your own custom, personalized, one-of-a-kind, luxe, real metallic gold color foil, photo gift wrap wrapping paper. Simply add your favorite family / couple / kids / baby / pets / wedding photo to the wrapping paper sheet, and see in real time how the wrapping paper will turn out - thru a real time generated preview video and preview images.
Printed on heavyweight 80 lb. semi-gloss paper through real metallic foil ink print process, the wrapping paper is sold in sets of 3 sheets. Each sheet is customizable so the 3 sheets can have different photos. The back side of the wrapping paper features grid guidelines for precise wrapping.

Custom Gold Foil Photo Wrapping Paper

DIY Create Custom Gold Foil Photo Wrapping Paper
Create Personalized Christmas Wedding Birthday Photo Gold Foil Wrapping Paper Sheets

The ideal wrapping for Christmas - Birthday - Wedding

Perfect for both, personal and business use, adults and kids.
Great wrapping paper for wrapping gifts for your loved ones, bride, groom, newlyweds, couple, kids, mom, dad, employee, staff, clients, friends and family, for birthday, wedding, bridal shower, christmas, holidays, new years, baby shower, fathers day, mothers day, graduation, valentines day, marriage anniversary, office corporate event, and more.

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